Shipping & Delivery

We have a $6.95 flat shipping and handling charge. If products are in stock, orders will go out within 2 business days. If not in stock we will notify you with an expected shipping date.  

As of this time, we ship only to the United States.


ust as other used dental products are discarded, so are Abella Ultra-White™ products. Because of this we do not accept returns. We are confident that our products are superior to anything else on the market and we know you will feel the same way when using our products. Of course if there are defects or missing supplies, we will make it right. Other issues will be handled on an individual basis.

Privacy Policy

At Abella Ultra-White, we take your privacy extremely seriously, and we will not share or sell your information to any other party.

Will whitening my teeth damage the enamel?

Whitening your teeth using a safe product and in moderation will not damage the enamel. However, never use a product containing alcohol, chlorine dioxide or any acidic ingredients.  You actually have more of a chance of damaging the enamel by brushing your teeth too often or by overusing an abrasive product such as baking soda or whitening toothpastes that contain abrasive ingredients.


How long is the whitening going to last?

​No teeth whitening procedure is permanent. Some say whitening lasts from 6 months to 2 years. That might be true if you never use tobacco, drink coffee, tea, red wine Kool-Aid, dark sodas, or never eat salsa, spaghetti sauce, dark fruit, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, beets, spinach... you get the idea. Frequent touch ups allow you to keep your teeth white and still enjoy the things that make you happy in life. 


Does it cause sensitivity or is it painful?

Abella Ultra-White™ products have a great reputation for not causing sensitivity. The few customers who do experience mild sensitivity. it was gone the next day.


Why is the whitening gel in an orange colored syringe? And what is the light all about?

What sets us apart from our competition is that Abella Ultra-White™ products are actually light activated, which makes it possible for our customers to see great results in an even shorter amount of time. If you are paying for a teeth whitening procedure that uses any kind of light, whether it is an in-office procedure or an at home product, make sure the whitening product is not in a clear syringe or container. If it is truly a "light activated" whitening product it wouldn't make sense to expose it to light while still in its container. Our at-home kits still work very well, and produce immediate results, but we do not include a light which would be an extra cost to the customer, with no benefit. 

Product Safety

Abella Ultra-White™ professional teeth whitening products are made in the United States, using the same methodology as those used in professional dental offices.